MicroGraphics Inc Literature Request

revised Feb 2008

What literature would you like us to send ?

If this request is from an Emailer you received, please note what information you would like in the large box below . You may also include any comments or questions about any products we represent 

General packages with short catalogues of all lines.

VME General information set.
VXI General information set.
New User VME General information set.
General PMC (PCI Mezannine) products.

More Specific literature sets,(these can be included with above for more detail )

A/D,D/A converters and DSP systems
Embedded PCs
Card Cages, Backplanes, and Face plates 

Military 1553, 429, 485
Other items of interest:

My interest is :

Ugent,please call
Active interest
Academic Interest
Lit collecting/Mailing List

Where to send information requested.